Captivate Your Customers with Award-Winning E-Liquids, Disposables & Pod Systems From NASTY Worldwide.

Are Your Customers Getting Bored With the Same Old Vape Flavours?
Struggling To Excite and Retain Your Clientele?

If you're a vape wholesaler, trader or distributor, we understand your biggest challenge - keeping your retail clients excited about your product selection.

With most suppliers offering the same tired flavours, your customers' patrons are bored to tears and ready to jump ship at the first whiff of an irresistible new vape experience.

But stocking mediocre products can disrupt your distribution business 🤷‍♂️:

Retailers drop you for fresher flavour options from competitors.

Vape shops demand steeper discounts to move your stagnant inventory.

Profits take a major hit as you're forced into a race to the bottom on pricing.

Don't let flavour fatigue ruin your bottom line any longer.

Revitalise your catalog with the luscious, unique flavours and devices your customers crave from NASTY.

Introducing NASTY - The Pioneering Vape Brand Crafting the World's Tastiest Flavours

Since 2015, NASTY has focused on crafting the World’s Tastiest Flavours.

From e-liquids and disposables to pod systems and nicotine pouches, our award-winning creations are the global benchmark of quality and consistent flavour performance across 80 countries and six continents.

As a NASTY Exclusive Partner, you gain access to our diverse ecosystem tailored to delight vapers across all segments:

Premium E-Liquids

Our flavorists use proprietary techniques to achieve the perfect balance of refreshing fruits, bold notes, and smooth satisfaction.

Disposables & Pod Systems

Innovative inhalation technologies ensure NASTY's incredible flavours last until the final puff.


Our tobacco-free nic pouches provide quick, discreet nicotine satisfaction on-the-go.


The NASTY BAR DR20Ki is a rechargeable nicotine salt disposable device offering up to 20,000 puffs of consistent flavour and nicotine satisfaction.

Comes with Dynamic Control feature to let you switch modes to suit your preferences.


The NASTY BAR D16Ki is a rechargeable Nicotine Salt Disposable Device providing up to 16,000 puffs of rich flavour.

Switch modes easily with Dynamic Control to match your preference with just the press of a button.


The NASTY POD PX15Ki-S is a next-generation Nicotine Salt Disposable Pod Device that prioritizes flavour and cost-effectiveness.

You can switch flavours effortlessly with replaceable pre-filled pod cartridges, and it's rechargeable with any USB-C cable.

Plus, it offers a Boost Mode Function and works with Dual Mesh Coil pods for top-notch satisfaction. 


The NASTY BAR HOOQA DFR10Ki is a rechargeable disposable device featuring our new Freebase Nicotine formula.

It offers a smoother and bolder direct-to-lung (DTL) experience, similar to using a hookah or shisha pipe.


The NASTY HOOQA DF15Ki is a rechargeable Disposable Device featuring our new Freebase Nicotine formula for a smoother and bolder direct-to-lung (DTL) experience, akin to using a hookah or shisha pipe.

Optimized for consistent bold flavour and satisfying nicotine satisfaction until the end.


The NASTY BAR D14Ki is a stylish rechargeable Nicotine Salt Disposable Device equipped with Double Mesh Coil for enhanced and consistent performance.

It's distinguished by its ability to provide steady flavour and nicotine satisfaction throughout its usage, a rarity among similar devices on the market.


NASTY BAR D18Ki is a sleek rechargeable Nicotine Salt Disposable Device with Double Mesh Coil for bolder and more consistent performance.

What makes this device stand out is that it delivers consistent flavour and nicotine satisfaction from beginning to end, which is unique compared to other big-puff devices in the market.

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