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3x Grand Prize

£1000 Each + NASTY Merch


on our latest products during our 12-hour online launch sale

100x Consolation Prize


First 50x Transactions

during the launch sale get £100 worth NASTY products

50x Customers

with the most transactions during the launch sale will get £100 worth NASTY products

12PM - 12AM
Wednesday, 1 Nov 2023

We’re giving £1,000 cash each to 3 Grand Prize winners who join our biggest product launch ever in the UK!

There are hundreds of other prizes to be won, including exclusive NASTY merchandise and our latest products.

Are you in?


NASTY is a Malaysian brand, but for us, the United Kingdom will forever be our home away from home.

Since we launched NASTY JUICE in Birmingham in 2016, we’ve never looked back. Across the country today, people choose NASTY for one simple reason.

We deliver an UNBEATABLE experience through bold and unique flavours crafted by our master brewers, and consistent satisfaction and performance until the very last drop.

"Amazing juice, it's Nasty in a good way..."

"Love Nasty. It's the only stuff I buy"

"If you've tried nasty before, you'll know why they're so good and popular"



NASTY CLUB is a private Facebook group where you can get exclusive deals and win amazing prizes. We will also be announcing all winners in this private group.
Just click on the invitation button and it will take you to the NASTY CLUB private group on Facebook. We will also send you an invite via email.

A: There are two sets of prizes and both require you to make a purchase during the launch sale on 1 November 2023.


To win one of the three Grand Prizes of £1000 cash, or one of the 100 Consolation Prizes of NASTY Merchandise sets, you need to earn points by sharing your unique link on your social media. The more you share, the more points you earn. Anyone with the top 3 highest points will win the cash prizes, provided they make a purchase during the launch sale. The next 100 highest points will win the consolation prizes, provided they also make a purchase during the launch sale.


As a bonus, we are providing UNBEATABLE discounts on all purchases during the launch sale. The first 50 purchases will win £100 worth of the latest NASTY products. The 50 highest purchase amount (cumulative) during the launch sale will also win £100 worth of the latest NASTY products.

You’ll be issued a unique code that you’ll need to distribute across various social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Every share will earn you points, and the top 10 individuals with the highest point totals will be awarded the Grand Prize. Additionally, the next 100 participants with the most points will receive Consolation Prizes.
Yes, in fact that is how you will increase your chances of winning. By consistently sharing your unique code across various platforms, you can accumulate more points and move up the leaderboard.

Winners will be determined by total points collected at the end of the contest at midnight of 2 November, 2023. Winners will be informed via registered email and on the NASTY CLUB UK private group.

The contest ends at midnight of 31st October, 2023.

Yes, you must make at least one purchase during the launch sale to qualify for any of the prizes. But there will also be unbeatable discounts when you make your purchase!
Only adults aged 18 and above are eligible to participate in this contest or join the NASTY CLUB UK private group.
NASTY CLUB is just getting started, trust us when we say you want to be part of this. Expect an abundance of upcoming surprises, including exciting contests and hidden offers, exclusively for our valued members. Don’t miss out on what’s to come!

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